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“Camp was awesome!!

It was one of the best camp experiences I've ever had. It’s something I will definitely never forget.”


"It was the best time of my life!

It taught me so many things that I still use everyday. The entire program helped me become who I am today and I couldn’t be happier, especially with everyone I've met through it. I made life long friends from all over the world."


“In this safe, exciting and enriching program…

my daughter was given many opportunities to enhance the skills she already posses as a young aboriginal lady and to work toward the leader I hope she will one day be. This was a great experience for my child to participate in.”


“…The experiences I had and the people I met changed my life.

I learned about other people’s stories and backgrounds and heritage. I learned about my own ability to be a leader, survive in the wilderness, and be independent. I can’t wait to go back next summer!"

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"When I started the journey, I'd never thought it would be one of the most beautiful memories I've had. During the camping, I learned and experienced a lot of things like hiking, canoeing and how to protect food from animals. I also made new friends and did so many activities that is quite hard to do in my normal life. The camp gave me some challenges that I would never know where my limitation is if I haven't been through those. After all, I just want to say thanks to all the people there for helping me. Those experiences have matured me greatly."


“Fireside Adventures is aaaaaaaaamazing.

Fireside Adventures is a great experience that fills you with new skills and great souvenirs. Surrounded by great people and by beautiful decors, this trip will stay in your mind forever. The atmosphere, the environment, the technical and psychological skills (have you ever tried a 72 hours solo? that's what I mean by psychological, mental, and spiritual experience!) you develop there are outstanding.”


"The Fireside programs were life-changing on so many levels…

The programs have also been a source of lasting friendships. My first program was three years ago, and I am still in touch with the awesome people I met there! I would recommend the programs to anyone who wants to try something new."


“As scary as it was to let my child free in another country, it taught me to trust my kid more.Teens deserve way more credit than some of us are willing to give.”


“My three nephews had quite a summer with Fireside Adventures.

They had the chance to experience Canada's beautiful nature, make new friends along the way, and learned things they never would’ve from their home country. Most noticeably, they are much more confident after their journey. Thanks for their awesome adventure Fireside!”


"Fireside has changed my life forever.

Through [my experiences at] Fireside, I realized I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. When I first went to Fireside, I was a sixteen year-old who was scared and lacking self confidence. My aunt called me up one summers evening and told me about Jeff and Fireside Adventures. She told me “It's going to be a once in a life time experience, you will regret it if you don’t go, and you have less then 24 hours to decide if you want to go”. So I said yes and in less then a week, I was on the trip and enjoyed every moment of it. Every year since then I go back to Fireside and it continues to challenge me and lets me grow. I started as a camper and now I am going to be a Junior Leader this summer. Whenever I am sad, angry, or unsure I think about Fireside and how far I have come and I am able to overcome anything that life throws at me."

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“The leadership program allowed me to bring out the potential and confidence in myself…

while having an adventure at the same time. I really felt that I was able to lead a lot of my own activities and discoveries while still being part of the group. I had to push myself both physically and mentally and it was a hard struggle, but all in all this was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Also the sights we got to see, I don’t think we could have seen anywhere else or in any different way.”

“When I signed up for my first trip, I shortly after told Jeff I wasn't going to attend. Jeff left my name on list, confident that I would be attending and have now attended 4 programs. These programs opened a door to a whole new world. My exploration through Canada also set me on an exploration into myself. I found more and more things I was capable of doing when I attended and taking from those experiences what I learned and continue to set the bar higher. I am confident to say that there is nothing in my life that I cannot accomplish; I can do anything that my heart desires. Thank you Jeff." 

"Hey Jeff, I am sitting in an internet cafe in Mexico thinking about the awesome job you do with the kids. I am amazed at the character building and strength of spirit that develops in each and every one of the participants in your program. We can talk and talk and try to tell our children how things work but there is nothing like the actual physical experience. The sense of interdependence along with independence is the something that will serve them the rest of their lives. Thanks!" 

"Going to Germany this summer was an experience of a lifetime. It taught me independence and gave me more confidence with travelling alone, having to meet new people and get along with them with regards to “living” with them” and all that that entails and making long term friendship. It gave me a unique feeling knowing I was far away from my parents and really had to rely on myself." 

"For the past 3 summers I've been attending a leadership camp called Fireside Adventures. I come back to the same camp every summer because I learn to be more mature and more about myself year after year. In the city I don't have people pushing me to challenge myself to overcome my fears and go beyond what I'm capable of doing. Every summer I've spent at Fireside Adventures has been the best times of my life. So come to Fireside Adventures and you won't regret it!"

“My daughter has been with Fireside Adventures for 2 years in a row, now entering her 3rd. After each journey, she returns home with exciting stories, new wilderness survival skills, strong leadership skills, and a keener sense of self. Your program has provided her with friendships and memories to last a lifetime. I am so grateful for the opportunity, and for your dedication and amazing relationship with the kids! I definitely recommend Fireside to any young person out there.”