About Our Youth Leadership Camps

Fireside’s World Bound Youth Leadership Camp

 World Bound Youth Leadership Camp

This is our advanced 21-day outdoor youth leadership camp for co-ed youth aged 14 – 17 years of age. Youth travel between BC and the Yukon, and gain intensive outdoor and leadership skill training, and a Fireside leadership certification. Led by multilingual instructors (Spanish, English, French), Fireside’s World Bound Youth Leadership Training Camp places an emphasis on Indigenous culture and canoe expeditions. In 2019, participants are encouraged to return to attend Fireside’s World Bound new adventure location in France and Italy.

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Fireside’s Explorer Youth Leadership Camps

 Explorer youth leadership camps

This is our co-ed 14 or 21-day introduction to outdoor youth leadership skill training and adventure camp. Explorer accepts 13 to 16  year-olds and operates in British Columbia and Yukon Territory of Canada.

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Fireside Adventures Youth Leadership Program Overview

For Parents and Youth

Do you know what it is like when a person has limited direction, opportunities, motivation and/or plans for the summer or even in life? It can create an unbearable experience for them and those around them; it increases the chance of lost potential for them

The main problem is waiting too long to give oneself the opportunity to see and experience things from a different perspective.

 Create the opportunity to see and experience things from a different perspective
 The longer the experience, the bigger the impact

We all know that if a person takes the positive opportunity in front of them to experience and grow a little more, it creates a ripple effect. That's what happens when someone participates in an outdoor youth leadership camp. The longer the camp, the bigger the impact.

 Applying leadership skills before and after camp

Imagine this youth paddling confidently down the Yukon River or on the Pacific Ocean, or applying their leadership and outdoor skills to their life after the camp. Imagine this person is waking up to see the Northern Lights or watching what will seem like endless sunsets. Imagine yourself in a postcard moment or becoming the type of leader you want to and can be.

We at Fireside Adventures are the only company tailoring outdoor youth leadership training in a mobile, small group and multilingual camp and expedition style.

 Youth with a greater confidence, competence and self-efficacy

“Magic” happens to a group of youth when they are provided the tools and knowledge to push past their perceived comfort zone. When youth are provided the opportunity to step away from their usual environment and given practical outdoor challenges they come away with greater confidence, competence and self-efficacy.

They are given the opportunity to leave their perceived and real day-to-day restraints to discover and live their true self.

With Fireside Adventure, campers take a journey across some of BC and Yukon's most stunning locations while learning the essentials of outdoor survival, relevant leadership, Indigenous culture and environmental stewardship.

Fireside's World Bound is a new stream of Fireside camps that brings campers from various places who carry with them a rich tapestry of varying perspectives and experiences. This provides a further layer of global and cultural awareness and understanding to all our participants.

 World Bound is a stream of Fireside programs that brings campers from various places and who carry with them a rich tapestry of varying perspectives and experiences. This provides a further layer of global and cultural awareness and understanding to all our participants.

Fireside Adventures Approach with Children and Youth:

 Campers dedication and safety
  • A dedication to safety and camper care backed by our diligence in embracing best practices that are demonstrated in outdoor leadership skills instruction and retention.
  • Ensure camper’s interests and skill levels are balanced with thoughtful outdoor and consistent instruction while being flexible, responsible and adaptable in our instruction approach
  • Work to continue facilitating well-run camps and expeditions based on pragmatic logistics, delivering excellent client service and unique wilderness camps.
  • Keeping our high standards
  • Constant focus and implementation of our five operating R’s (Readiness, Relationships, Relevance, Results, Reflection)
  • Demonstrate our deep care and interest for all participants transparently, competently and confidently
  • Share the gifts of the wilderness with campers of all ethnicities, abilities, backgrounds, sizes, gender identities and experience levels
  • Ensure a safe environment for group dynamics to flourish and overcome challenges
  • Implement strategies to support individuals mental and physical wellness.
  • Prove our strength is our ability to get things done, to make things happen, to pay attention to detail, to take on big projects, to find ways around obstacles and to do this with respect, dignity, humour and responsibility
  • Constant acknowledgement of Indigenous people’s rightful land, traditions and culture as we maintain the role of being guests and visitors while travelling through their land
  • Confidently express our openness by utilizing the practices of Buddhism (consider the religious implications of listing Buddhism here), Choice Theory, experiential outdoor learning and many more.

Fireside’s Life, Be, and Adventure with Children and Youth

Fireside Adventures is designed to allow you enjoy and experience our pillars for all children and youth - Life. Be. Adventure. in the wilderness expeditions and camps.


It is completely precious, mysterious, difficult to describe and has an eventual, but unknown, end date. That’s life. We create life experiences that reinforce the importance of connecting personal individuality: a sense of community, relevance and meaningful outdoor experiences mixed with skill training and shared knowledge practices. 


We provide a platform for children and youth who need and want time for exploration, self-discovery and individual growth that fits with their own pace.  Through group dialogues, video journaling, solo time, paddling, capturing amazing sunsets, yoga in the woods, and an easy and non-intrusive method, Fireside provides mini leadership workshops to create the connection between spirit and the camp experience, allowing youth to BE.  Be brave. Be real. Be you..


Experience true adventure with a group of like-minded, supportive and diverse people, while learning skills that will allow you to plan and experience your own adventures in the future.  Challenge yourself to expand your comfort zone, and check out the incredible Yukon River and beautiful British Columbia.


Our Mission

We are founded on three principles that drives our belief and mission statement.


 Life is a journey of challenges

Life is a journey full of challenges that teach us and allow us to give pause.  At times, these challenges allow us to either be conquered or recalibrated. Challenges are either an obstacle or an opportunity.


 Strive, life is not iddle

Life is not idle, it is flowing and evolving. Striving to fix, improve, overcome, enjoy, change, embrace -  the list goes on,  is a constant action. Participants determine what they want to strive for at our retreats, camps, expeditions and post Fireside experiences.


 Life is about learning and unlearning

Life is about unlearning, relearning and learning. It’s a constant and conscientious act to active living, being and evolving. It brings balance and modesty to developing an individual within a community.


Fireside’s Youth Leadership Competency Elements

 Individual Leadership

Youth work towards developing what they consider their individual leadership foundation pillars.

Practical Skills

Youth will become more competent with camping skills, navigation, decision-making, and life skills.

Local is Global Knowledge

The group will learn about relevant local and global issues centred on environmental and sustainable practices, international politics, cultural diversity and leadership principles.

Community Leadership

The group will work together to build a strong leadership team and foundation before providing a half-day environmental/community based stewardship project for a local non-profit.

  Vision and Values

Youth will spend time reflecting upon the experience and write a vision letter of what they hope to accomplish. All youth will learn about the five Fireside leadership values: Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Commitment, and Perseverance.



Fireside Adventures recognizes the unceded traditional lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.