Fireside’s Yukon Explorer Youth Leadership Camp

The Yukon and Youth Are Larger Than Life

 Yukon Explorer youth leadership camp

Do you know what happens when you mix awesome youth, a Yukon River canoe trip, the everlasting midnight sun and outdoor leadership training together? We know: youth have a larger than life experience when they come to the Yukon.
As part of Fireside’s Explorer Youth Leadership Camps, this 14-day youth leadership summer camp offers the ultimate summer experience combining adventure camp, leadership training and some serious fun for youth. 

The problem is that you might be nervous to attend because you don’t have enough information about leadership and the Yukon. You might be worried of being disconnected from your social media or peer groups. Well, keep reading and then ask us questions.

Program Details

Date: August 6th to August 19th, 2018. Five spots left
Ages: 13 to 16 (Co-ed)

Rate: $2,899.00 CDN plus 5% tax

Deposit: $350.00 (required to secure registration) per registration.

Includes: pre-camp assessment, instruction, food, accommodation, most camping gear, camping fees and transportation while on trip. Does not include flight and some optional activities.

Important information: We rent sleeping bags, camp chairs and thermarests for those needing extra comfort
Tentative trip plan
What to Bring
About our programs
Facts about Yukon


It's a Life Changing Experience


Imagine your hand dipping into the Yukon River as you navigate over 400km of pure Canadian adventure under never ending sunlight. Enjoy the magic of the dancing Aurora Borealis with your new found co-leaders. You’ll spend 14 days discovering the wonders of the Yukon River by paddling from Lake Laberge to Dawson City.  You’ll become confident and competent with yourself and new outdoor leadership skills. You will have an urban and digital detox experience while escaping your parents and community for two weeks. It is not about what you think you will lose but rather how much you will gain from participating in our outdoor leadership training camp. This is a life shaping opportunity.

Fireside Adventures strives to bring valuable and meaningful leadership and outdoor skills training to all our youth outdoor leadership campers. Our consistent approach, facilitated by our skilled instructors, encourages thoughtful discussion and positive self-reflection. 

Click to learn more about Fireside’s Approach, Leadership Competencies, Mission and Life Be and Adventure philosophy.

Yukon Explorer Youth Leadership Training Camp Elements:

 Core explorer youth leadership elements

  • Learning leadership styles and skills training
  • Introduction and training for river canoe tripping, backcountry camping and expeditions
  • Introduction and training to outdoor youth leadership training
  • Connection to Canadian, Indigenous and international youth
  • Visiting Yukon’s known and newfound places of significance, including old frontier cabins, RCMP outposts and more.
  • Skill development with outdoor recreational activities (i.e. camping, canoeing, hiking and orienteering)

Imagine if... you could unplug and relax …..Life. Be. Adventure.

Highlights of Yukon Explorer Youth Leadership Training Camp

 BC youth leadership highlights
  • A fully guided canoe trip down the Yukon River, travelling at 12km an hour and winding through over a thousand river islands
  • Canoe certification and outdoor leadership skills training
  • Soak your bones at the Tahini Hot Springs while staying at the nearby hostel
  • Witness the Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights
  • Visit historic Fort Selkirk and where they film Yukon Gold
  • Campfires, s'mores and the comfort of new friends
  • Panning for gold lessons, a river swim and taking some of the best photos
  • Wildlife - view eagles and moose, while listening to the wolves’ cry!
  • Amazing fresh air…no joke…real fresh air!  
  • You get to be yourself connecting with like minded youth

Fitness Capacities

 Yukon canoe fitness capacities

If you are concerned about your physical readiness to attend one of our programs, please contact us directly. We modify our experiences based on people's abilities and capacities. Relax and let us work together to make an informed and shared decision. 

 Expedition Food

 Expedition food suited to all diets

A well-nourished body makes a significant impact on a person’s experience in times of physical and/or mental exertion. Participants will learn how to pack for and prepare meals on extended backcountry trips, while cooking in a “wilderness” kitchen. While on trip we will nourish our bodies with healthy and holistic foods suited to all diets.

Expedition Safety

 Expedition Safety

Regardless of your comfort and outdoor skill level, it is safer to travel in a group and it is much safer to have guides supporting you. Our team puts a lot of effort into planning, preparing and, most importantly, teaching you how to be safe in the wilderness.


It's a Life Changing Experience


Why Should You do This?

 Nature based camps and campfire at the beach

Nature-based camps provide the following positive benefits:

  • Fostering curiosity an openness about other cultures, languages and traditions
  • Increased confidence and self-efficacy
  • Improved emotional and physical health
  • Improved peer-relationship building
  • Increased sense of independence and leadership potential
  • Improved social and life skills
  • Positive identity/authenticity
  • Improved cognitive health/skills
  • Increased positive decision-making
  • An ability to self-reflect and be self-propelled
  • Increased environmental awareness, including climate change
  • Ability to lower stress and moodiness
  • Meaningful opportunities for positive risk-taking
  • Increased sense of creativity
  • More

This year we are also providing support and training in youth mental wellness, physical fitness, social and life skills, and developing critical thinking as they are very relevant for today’s youth.  We are excited to be providing a larger focus on teaching wilderness cuisine “cooking in the woods” as a core skill for youth to develop while on their expedition.

Yukon Facts & What to Wear

The name “Yukon” originated from the Locheux native word "Yuk-un-ah," meaning "Great River," referring to the Yukon River that flows across the territory into Alaska.

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Tentative Trip Plan

August 6, 2018 – Whitehorse Takhini Hotsprings Campground Late morning arrival to Whitehorse Tour of Whitehorse Airport pick-up and drive to Takhini Hot Springs Campground Introduction of staff and overview of canoe trip River expedition orientation and gear check

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About Our Programs

You know what it is like when a person has limited directions, opportunities, motivation and/or plans for the summer or even in life. It can create an unbearable experience for them and those around them. It sucks because it increases the chances of lost potential for them

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It's a Life Changing Experience