World Bound Teen Camp

Local is Global With Outdoor Adventuring

World Bound Youth Leadership Camp

World Bound Teen Camp is for teens interested in experiencing a blend of BC and Yukon’s best wilderness, rural and urban locations while connecting with youth from across the globe, including Canada. Teens will travel and explore key areas of British Columbia (Vancouver, Sechelt Inlet) and partake on a river expedition down the majestic Yukon River (Whitehorse, Carmacks, Dawson City).

Participating teens work towards achieving a Fireside World Bound leadership certification, supported by dynamic leadership instructors (indigenous and Non-Indigenous), while furthering their global, environmental and cultural awareness.

Connecting teens with Indigenous people’s culture, languages, traditions, perspectives and territories are paramount to the World Bound experience. They will connect with and learn from Sechelt First Nations (BC) and Fort Selkirk First Nations (Yukon). We have also invited 4 Indigenous youth to join the World Bound to share, teach and inspire other youth as part of our cross-cultural competency objective.

Climate change, environmental stewardship, connections with nature and self and developing outdoor leadership skills are enveloped into a 27day leadership course.

We offer ESL instruction and tutoring for international teens needing assistancewith improving their English while at camp.

Program Details

Date: July 21 – August 17, 2019

Ages: 14 to 18 (Co-ed)
Rate: $4539.00 + GST
ESL Instruction and Training Rate: $5539.00 + GST
Deposit: $500.00
Group Size: 8 to 14 youth per group

Includes: pre-camp assessment, airport shuttle service, leadership instruction, food, accommodation, group camping and expedition gear, planned activities and transportation while on trip including return flight between Vancouver and Whitehorse with Air North. Does not include international and national flights to Vancouver and some optional activities.

Locations: Vancouver, Whitehorse, Dawson City, Sechelt.

It's a Life Changing Experience

“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most
important events in their lives.”

– Thomas Berry

Fireside Adventures strives to bring valuable and meaningful leadership and outdoor skills training to all our Canadian youth leadership camps. Our consistent approach, facilitated by our skilled instructors, encourages thoughtful discussion and positive self-reflection.

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to
your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will
truly have defeated age.”

- Sophia Loren

It's a Life Changing Experience

Teen Leadership Camp Highlights:

Core explorer youth leadership elements
BC youth leadership highlights
  • 24/7 instruction by leadership and outdoor education instructors.

  • Canoeing and outdoor wilderness skill training as the group travels down the Yukon River and explores Gambier Island.

  • Gold panning, Northern Lights, abundance of wildlife and Midnight Sun.

  • Unplugged but reconnected with nature, outdoor leadership training and sense of adventure

  • Soft skills training (life, social, outdoor, leadership and environmental skills).

  • Creating positive personal identity and utilizing strength based learning approaches.

  • Developing confidence, competence, and self-efficacy.

  • Mobile and small group focused to ensure quality relationships.

  • Inclusive of each teen’s skills, capacities, competencies, areas of growth and interests.

  • An opportunity to travel to one of the most revered places on the planet, the Yukon.

  • Tours of Vancouver, Simon Fraser University, Dawson City, Whitehorse.

  • Opportunity to travel with like-minded teens from around the world.

  • Paddle carving (youth will get to make and use their own canoe paddle

  • Solo (supportive 48 hour solo experience for youth to reflect and connect)

  • Travel between BC and Yukon (flight included)

  • The best fresh air, water, forest and mountains on earth see, feel and experience.

  • Much more.


Regardless of a participant ’s level of comfort and outdoor skills, it is safer to travel in a group and it is much safer to have an experienced instructor supporting them. Our team always prioritizes planning, preparing, and most importantly, teaching participants how to be safe in the wilderness.


A well-nourished body makes a significant impact on a person’s experience in times of physical and/or mental exertion. Participants will learn how to pack and prepare healthy and holistic meals in our camp kitchens, suited for all diets.

Fitness Capacities

If you are concerned about yours or your child’s physical readiness to attend one of our Fireside camps/expeditions, please contact us directly. We modify our experiences based on the participants' abilities and capacities. Relax and let us work together to make an informed and shared decision.

Climate Change

We do our best to understand the present and future impacts of climate change. We provide thoughtful discussions and rationale of why we all must do our best to minimize our carbon use including ways to reduce food waste, non-recyclable materials and more. We take public transit or walk as much as possible, and respect nature by reducing our ecological footprints.

Indigenous People

We acknowledge that we are visitors of the traditional lands of Indigenous People. We ask permission to visit and explore their lands while also inviting local First Nations to participate in our camps, share their knowledge and provide a space to collaborate. Fireside Adventures recognizes the unceded traditional lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

Small Group Focused & Mobile

We purposely place restrictions on group size (minimum 8 and maximum 15) of participants as believe less means more for providing an enriched and meaningful experience for each participant. We are not defined by one permanent location as we are rooted in the belief that adventure and learning come from exploring the lands and water around us.

Place and Inquiry Based

All of our selected locations for our camps and expeditions are purposely chosen to provide a platform for inquiry and experiential learning, to learn through the natural world and its significance in relation to culture, geography, history, people and environment.

Social and Emotional Learning

We create a safe place so participants can develop and enhance their resiliency, independence and self-efficacy. We weave learning opportunities throughout our programs for participants to improve the skills necessary to manage and understand their emotions and their relationships.


We are inclusive of all genders, races, cultures, languages, shapes, sizes, colours, abilities and capacities. Those who arrive on the first day of the camp/expedition are important characters of the shared experienced that is to begin. It is a privilege to be the characters in each other's stories and experiences, not our right.

Yukon Facts

The name “Yukon” originated from the Locheux native word "Yuk-un-ah," meaning "Great River," referring to the Yukon River that flows across the territory into Alaska.

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It's a Life Changing Experience