We believe success is measured on how much you can share and your willingness to work with others.

Fireside Adventures follows a collaborative and communicative approach in working closely with our partners to optimize the experience and service delivery for all participants. We are delighted to work with our partners because they provide a high standard in camping and expeditions in locations we do not operate. If you have any questions about our partner camps, feel free to contact us.

Seawall Education

Seawall Education Consulting Inc. is a genuine Canadian company, specialized in education and cultural programs, offered by renowned education institutions in 5 continents: America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. We are proud to work closely with Fireside Adventures in connecting our youth with their youth leadership courses.

Founded in 2009 in Vancouver/Canada, Seawall is a consulting company focused on providing the best educational and cultural experience to its clients. Through more than 100 partners in 21 countries and 59 different locations, we offer language, high-school, College (technical courses and specialization) and University (graduation and post-graduation) programs.

SOS Children’s Village BC

We provide homes, a supportive community, and programs to help foster children and youth in need grow into caring, self-reliant adults. SOS Children’s Village BC is one of 559 Villages around the world, and is the only SOS Children’s Village in Canada. We provide a unique and proven model of foster care distinct from the provincial system. For the past few years, Fireside Adventures has worked instrumentally with supporting our Feather Indigenous Leadership Summer Camp.

Outdoor Explore

Outdoor Explore is an adventure company like no other. We provide trekking vacations and wilderness adventures built around a vision to escape normal life and immerse ourselves in the natural world in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.

Sprouting Chefs

Sprouting Chefs – Partnership with Fireside Adventures and Vancouver Outdoor School Sprouting Chefs summer camps offer a way for children and youth to learn how to cook with seasonal local ingredients with family friendly recipes. Barb McMahon, Founder and Facilitator’s goal is to teach at least 10 basic recipes to children that they can then share with their families at home. Sprouting Chefs is thrilled to offer a cooking class program via a unique partnership with Vancouver Outdoor School and Fireside Adventures in their Gourmet Forest Camp at Camp Galiano Environmental Camp. To find out more about what we offer at Sprouting Chefs, click here.