We believe success is measured on how much you can share and willingness to work with others .

Fireside Adventures follows a collaborative and communicative approach in working closely with our partners to optimize the experience and service delivery for all participants. We are delighted to work with our partners because they provide a high standard in camping and expeditions in locations we do not operate. If you have any questions about our partner camps, feel free to contact us. 


Our Partner Programs: Action Camp, France

English Action Camp

Our classic program taking place throughout the whole summer and offers the best action packed English learning environment to boost your children's English level while having fun.

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Program Plus Action Camp

The Program Plus Action Camp offers the same English learning environment but with a Multiplied factor of fun. Day excursions and adventure packed outdoor activities will be the focus.

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French Action Camp

The perfect program for residential campers wanting to explore the wonderful region of the south of France while learning french. Speaking French with local camp goers is an added bonus.

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Outbound Action Camp

The most adventure packed summer camp for teenagers. Essential travelling skills will be learned, and the 2 week residential camp will culminate in a 4 day camper's organised trip.

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Junior Action Camp

The best option for the younger campers starting at age 4. The days are full of sport and creative activities all held by mother tongue teachers and bilingual assistants.

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Outdoor Explore

Outdoor Explore is an adventure company like no other. We provide trekking vacations and wilderness adventures built around a vision to escape normal life and immerse ourselves in the natural world in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.