As talented in the outdoors as they are adventurous, we hire the best outdoor leadership instructors to create an amazing summer experience for our campers.

Jeff Willis

Jeff Willis, Owner, Founder

Since 1991, Jeff (aka Willy), has been developing and leading various camps, expeditions and outdoor programs throughout Canada, Japan, Germany and the Arctic. His love of outdoor education coupled with formal training and years of experience in youth and family work led him to create Fireside Adventures. He is the quintessential camp director – an energetic leader, creating meaningful experiences for campers and having a load of fun along the way!

Jess Dick

Jess Dick, instructor

Jess Dick is thankful for her small town start to life in Alberta, Canada. It was on horseback she quickly developed a sense of adventure, a strong work ethic and respect for nature. When she finally climbed down from the saddle, Jess found herself on a volleyball court. An amazing opportunity to play university ball arose in New Hampshire, USA where she graduated with a BSc in Environmental Science: Soil and Watershed Management. Jess set off to India to volunteer on farms; this one-way ticket resulted in six years in numerous Asian countries, where she worked as an ESL teacher, SCUBA Divemaster, travel writer and experiential education instructor. These experiences allowed her to become deeply connected to nature, increase her understanding of self, and create a passion for her to share her knowledge with others. With a recent transition back to Canada, Jess wants to better understand, support, grow and explore the local cultures.

Lenaya pic.JPG

lenaya sampson, instructor

I am a  Nlaka’ paumx woman who works, lives, learns and plays within Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh territories. I joined Sparrow to help youth and young adults connect to their roots and potential by experiencing the benefits of outdoor education and Indigenous leadership training. As an Indigenous youth, I have personally experienced and developed from the benefits of strength based and experiential leadership courses like Sparrow.  

For the past 7 years I have grown immensely from being a camper, intern and now staff with Fireside Adventures. Throughout all my life experiences, I have witnessed the positive impacts of children and youth rediscovering themselves as they develop a stronger sense of resiliency and positive personal identity when reconnecting with the land and accepting the support from others.

As Indigenous people, we are dynamic, resourceful, driven and much more. My "Indigenous Roots" are nurtured by my values of family, community building, personal development and following traditional teachings. I look forward to being your instructor and a positive character in your story this summer as you join Sparrow.


Carmen Chandler, instructor

Carmen Chandler Torontian by birth, west coaster by choice is a recent graduate of the University of Victoria’s Teacher Education program. With a passion for nature and the great outdoors Carmen spends a lot of her time exploring, learning, and teaching. She has volunteered with Girl Guides of Canada, specifically with the Trex program for 3 years running outdoor programs all over Vancouver island and the lower mainland. Other experiences include working in international summer camps, community centre after school programs, Indigenous camps, and as an intern with Outward Bound Canada. The idea of Paying it Forward is one of the biggest driving factors for Carmen's passion for Outdoor Education. As a teenager Carmen had the opportunity to take part in many different experiences. Being a part of the Fireside team is her chance to facilitate similar life changing experience for the next generation of youth.

Allie Livesey

Allie Livesey, instructor

Allie has been playing in the dirt since she was a little sprout. Her love of the natural world has taken her in many directions (including up many mountains!) She has spent many years caretaking the land by working on organic farms, creating gardens, wandering through the woods, and wildcrafting. Over the past few years, her love of plants has taken root and bloomed into the world of herbalism. She is passionate about exploring and sharing the uses of the plants that inhabit our world, and creating dynamic learning environments to share this spark with others. When she’s not out exploring the forest, Allie has worked in youth centers, YMCA day camps, girls empowerment groups, after school programs, and is currently working at a nature connection and education centre in Ontario. She loves to bring people of all ages outside! She hopes that through her work with Fireside Adventures she can help others foster a deep connection and relationship with themselves, each other and with the land.

Latin America Sales Coordinator

Daniel Macías Barajas - Latin American Sales Coordinator

Daniel creció en el mundo del campismo, de niño atendió campamentos en México y Estados Unidos. Daniel tiene un Master en Gestión y Dirección de Centros Educativos por la Universidad de Barcelona. Sus veranos de estudiante los pasó siempre trabajando como miembro del staff en varios campamentos en Estados Unidos, Canadá, Alemania y España. Desde 2007 dirige la corporación International Camps Network a través de la cual gestiona recursos y fomenta la promoción de una vasta red de Centros Educativos al Aire Libre especializados en técnicas de Aprendizaje a través de la Experiencia. Entre los programas que dirige se encuentran Camp Europe y Camps Canada, éste último programa fortaleció los lazos con Fireside Adventures para crear una sinergia donde Daniel es ahora oficialmente el coordinador para Latinoamérica de Fireside Adventures. Y está muy emocionado por ello!

Sophie Hong Truong

Sophie Hong Truong

Sophie graduated with a Diploma of Teaching and has gained many experience in education field for the past years. She loves spending time outdoors with students. Sophie has always wished to introduce not only the beauty of Canada’s nature but also the thrilling, rewarding Fireside Adventure Camping Programs to everyone in Southeast Asia. Fluent in both English and Vietnamese, Sophie will be a great helper to provide you with many useful information about various Fireside Adventure Programs.

Felicity Feinman

Felicity Feinman

Felicity Feinman has broadcast live video from the Northwest Passage, recorded audio postcards in rural Tanzania and served on a Canadian trade mission to the United States. In short, she loves a challenge. She brings seven years of experience in communications to the table as well as a bachelor's degree in journalism. She is a Jill of all trades and counts among her skills: strategic communications, excellent writing, bilingualism, social media content production, videography, photography and 360 videography. Felicity is also a certified Wilderness First Responder and Stand-up Paddleboard Instructor. She cares deeply about the environment, reconciliation with Canada's Indigenous peoples and social justice. Felicity loves working with Fireside to build a better world through radical empathy.

Maria Jose

Maria Jose (Majo)

Maria Jose (Majo) was born in Ecuador, which is located in the middle of the world and it is considered one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Since she was child, she grew up traveling and learning about the unique ecosystems of her country. She loved to be outside and witnessed the breathtaking landscapes of her country. Her passion about nature leaded her to study Environmental Engineering. During her studies she realized that Education is a key factor in the preservation and the conservation of nature, as well as the mitigation of the environmental issues the world faces. It is important to mention that Majo is very passionate about Indigenous studies. Ecuador, as well as Canada, was conquered by Europeans and since then the Indigenous peoples have been fighting against environmental and social discrimination.

Majo decided to come to Canada and get her Master’s degree in Environmental Education in the University of Saskatchewan. Currently, she is living in Vancouver and she is exciting about this new period of her life where she is seeking to make a positive impact in the community.

Jesse Colautti

Jesse Colautti

For more than ten years, Jesse Colautti has been working with youth outdoors as a camp counselor, programmer, and director. Although originally from Toronto, Jesse has made it his goal to explore all corners of Canada’s backyard, which he’s been luck enough to experience through the Katimavik youth volunteer program, a master’s degree in Vancouver, summer camp in Manitoba, and frequent cross-county road trips. Currently based in Calgary, Jesse coordinates youth cross-country ski programs and is a pre-service teacher in the education program at the University of Calgary.

We hire the best instructors to lead all our summer camps. The same qualified staff lead, teach and guide for the entirety of each program, ensuring consistency for campers. Our instructors must have the following:

• Valid driver's license
• Wilderness first aid and/or First Responder training
• Lifeguarding (at least one instructor per program will have this)
• Outdoor wilderness training
• Criminal record check
• Post secondary education
• English-teaching ability (for ESL camps)

Each camp will have one to two interns who are Fireside Alumni

Ratio: 1 instructor/intern per 8 campers