Fireside’s Yukon Laughing Buddha River Expedition

Tentative Expedition Trip Plan (subject to change)

August 10, 2018

Day One – Takhini Hot Springs Campground, Whitehorse

  • Depart 11:00am from Vancouver YVR to Whitehorse, Yukon. Pick up at airport and driven straight to the visitor station
  • 2:30pm - Pick up at Whitehorse Visitor Centre
  • 4:00pm - shuttle to Takhini Hotsprings Campground
  • Set-up camp and move into tents
  • Program orientation and gear check
  • Introduction of staff and fellow LB adventurers
  • 6:00pm – Welcome dinner
  • Visit Takhini Hot Springs
  • Evening meditation

August 11, 2018

Day Two –  Carmacks

  • Early wake-up and yoga session
  • Unpack and repack personal gear (again) and group gear check – double-checking
  • Breakfast – Yukon style
  • Pack up food, supplies, personal items and last group gear inspection
  • Drive to Carmacks campground (depart after lunch)
  • Yukon River canoe prep & orientation (half day practice with canoeing)
  • Safety lessons and protocols (evening discussion)
  • Learning the basics of wilderness gourmet cooking while of trip (food safe requirements, basics of nutrition, what’s in the spice bag, 30 second of silence, meal planning, group expectations and learning how to pack up food)
  • Dinner Over a Fire - River Ceremony
  • Robert Service stories and history lesson of the Yukon Gold Rush
  • Emergency procedures final review
  • Mid-night sun Yoga
  • Final trip plan review

August 12, 2018 – Yukon River

Day Three  – Carmack's/Five Fingers Section/Sam Magee’s Ashes/Rink Rapids

  • Early wake up (on the river before 8am)
  • Linda’s Legacy and Gifting the River
  • Practice strokes (again) once leaving Carmacks
  • Basic map reading and basic orienteering
  • Knots and tarps lesson
  • Emergency Procedures (review test while on the river)
  • Paddle past Five Fingers section
  • Visit the legendary Sam Magee’s ashes (we will read some Robert Service poems)
  • Floating lunch
  • Campfire cuisine lesson (dinner)
  • Campsite selection lesson
  • Review safety protocols and use of devices



August 13 – 16, 2018 – Yukon River

Day Four to Eight – Yukon River

Outdoor Skills

  • Outdoor leadership skills training
  • Continued improving paddle strokes lesson
  • Review wildlife in the wild Yukon
  • Weather reading & review forest fire procedures
  • Campsite  and campfire management and selection
  • Gourmet wilderness cooking for breakfast and dinners
  • Wilderness risk management lessons and strategies
  • Learning to use all safety equipment (Spot, InReach, Sat Phone and other)

Outdoor Adventures

  • Yukon River history and geography overview
  • Bushwhacking experience and half day expedition to find an old mine
  • Exploring for old cabins
  • A night at Fort Selkirk
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Northern lights
  • Half day solo experience

Interpersonal Journey – Getting Down with Laughing Buddha

  • Daily Laughing your ass off moments including basic morning Laughing Yoga session
  • Daily yoga woods and meditation sessions
  • Discussion around guiding principles of leading life paths
  • Intrinsic life mapping exercise with Birchy
  • Final wilderness dinner and river bracelet ceremony
  • A gifting experience to Linda’s Legacy
  • Individual wilderness portraits

August 17, 2018

Day Nine – Arriving into Dawson City

  • Early arrival
  • Shower up
  • Tour the city and visit historical places including the arts festival
  • Graduation dinner (celebration time)
  • Campfire

August 18, 2018

Day Ten – Travel back to Whitehorse

  • Pack up and breakfast in Dawson City
  • Lunch on the road (6 hour road trip)
  • Whitehorse drop off (you are on your own) OR option to go back to Hotsprings

August 19, 2018

Those who booked directly with Fireside Adventures

  • RETURN FLIGHT 10:15am to Vancouver

 Yukon River: Carmacks to Dawson City

How things add up?

Adult Yukon River Expedition + Wilderness Gourmet Cooking Lessons + Forest Yoga & Meditation Sessions + Laughing Buddha Teachings = One Heck Of An Urban and Digital Detox Experience

At Fireside Adventures, we help guide people to seriously unplug in the easiest most holistic way while connecting outdoor adventure and basic teachings from the Laughing Buddha and the tenets of Buddhism. We are also food centred which is why all Laughing Buddha trips are focused on teaching wilderness gourmet cooking to feed our bellies and nourish our souls. Arrive in Whitehorse, Yukon and paddle the Yukon River from Carmacks to Dawson City.

Our Laughing Buddha Yukon Adventure embody Fireside’s motto Life. Be. Adventure.

Program Details

Summer Date: August 10th to August 18th, 2018
Ages: 18+ (co-ed)
Rate: $2,750.00 CAD + 5% GST ($400 of your registration fee goes to ALS to support the purchase of outdoor adaptive equipment)

Fees include: accommodation, food, canoe rentals, supportive instruction and general camping gear.

Extras To Know: It also includes accommodation at Takhini Hotspring Hostel & Campground), personal adventure pack (it’s a surprise) and shuttle services. Wilderness gourmet cooking lessons, river paddling skill training and whatever gold you find along the river banks

Not included is your return flight to Whitehorse but contact Fireside to help with booking your flight and your accommodation on the 18th in Whitehorse. Some people may fly out in the evening or stay longer in the Yukon.

Locations: Whitehorse, Takhini Hot Springs Campground, Yukon River and Dawson City

Important information: We rent sleeping bag, camp chairs and thermarests for those needing extra comfort

Program Details
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When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky” – Buddha.

It's a Life Changing Experience