Welcome to Artemis: Women In Leadership! We offer unique and life-shaping outdoor experiences specifically designed by females for those who identify as female.  Our adventures and activities are intended to foster deep connections with our true selves, our community and the natural world.

Through participation in Artemis you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop outdoor skills that will benefit you in many adventures to come, with the support of experienced female guides;

  • Connect meaningfully with a group of like-minded women, form lasting bonds, and laugh until your stomach hurts;

  • Take time to disconnect from the distractions of everyday life, connect with nature, yourself and the importance of community;

  • Move your body in ways that will promote great health, with activities such as hiking, paddling, yoga and more;

  • Learn how to fuel your body with delicious and healthy foods;

  • Explore your personal connection to nature through time spent in pristine wilderness, and learn how this connection may become a central piece of your personal wellness.

 Artemis - women in leadership camp

It's a Life Changing Experience

Weekend Retreats – Expeditions – Women’s Wednesdays – Saturday Morning Challenges

Starting in January 2019, we are launching Women’s Wednesdays and Saturday Morning Challenges (once a month) plus a fall retreat in Whistler. Stay tuned for more info!

 In Support of Minerva

We are also partnering with Minerva BC. When you register for any 2018 Artemis retreats, expeditions and Saturday adventures, 15% of your registration goes to Minerva BC who use the funds to support Indigenous Roots, a program that provides the opportunity for young Indigenous women to participate in outdoor leadership training.

At Artemis, we believe we can serve you better if we help others along the way. Your participation will positively impact the enrolment of young Indigenous women in Indigenous Roots in 2018, and ensure that the next generation of female adventures get an early start!

Artemis: Women In Leadership is part of Fireside Adventures family of outdoor activities

It's a Life Changing Experience