If you do not find the answer you are looking for below, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at info@firesideadventures.ca or by calling 604-241-9169.

Do I have access to my child during their camp?
Fireside instructors have a check-in with our head office every day for safety purposes, in case we need to contact parents and so that we can send out periodic updates during the program. On our 21-day programs, international campers are encouraged to contact their parents within 24 hours to confirm they have arrived and pass along their first impressions of Canada. Our staff traditionally connect with the head office each day. Follow us on Facebook as staff typically post photos and give updates when they can.

During all our camps, we ask that parents allow their children to experience the entirety of the program independently. If there are any issues, parents are contacted immediately. If a camper insists on contacting their parents themselves, we will certainly facilitate conversation.

How many kids are in each camp?
Most of our camps have a maximum of 15 campers. In some instances, this may increase to 20, based on instructor availability and that safety is not compromised.

 Where will my child sleep?
In most instances, campers sleep in tents (which we provide) with one or two other campers. Depending on the program, they will also be staying at the Fireside Lodge, teepees, and cabins.

Can my child pick his/her tent-mates?
Fireside instructors make the decisions of who sleeps where. We do listen and try to adhere to a campers choice.

What is the ratio to instructors to campers?
One instructor/intern to six campers.

My child has specific dietary requirements, can you accommodate?
Yes. Parents are responsible for advising of any dietary restrictions and/or allergies, including the severity. We are "nut-aware" not a "nut-free" camp. We keep all nut products separated from the rest of the food.

What will my child eat while at camp?
The food provided on trip is delicious and nutritious. Our menus include, but not limited to: Breakfast - cereal, eggs, pancakes, toast. Lunch - sandwiches, vegetables, soup, beef sausages. Dinner - pasta, vegetarian chili, soup, bbq fish, burritos. We also provide plenty of healthy snacks of granola bars, dried and fresh fruit and nuts.

Can my child bring this/her own snacks?
No. Due to possible allergies, we ask that campers do not bring their own snacks on trip. We provide ample food while on trip. If a child chooses to purchase junk food on trip, it is our policy that they are willing to share it with the rest of the campers.

My child takes medication. Will he be assisted with this?
If your child takes medication and requires our assistance, we can accommodate. All medication is secured by the lead instructor and dispensed as required.

Should my child bring money?
Depending on the leadership camp, we suggest campers bring about $100-$200 CDN. There will be opportunity to purchase souvenirs and some money will be required for optional activities. Fireside staff will take all of the money from each camper and will dispense the money by request, no question.

How does my child get to and from the airport to your camp?
We provide airport transfers and will work with you to determine the timing of arrival and departure flights.

My child is scared of bears. Will he/she see any wildlife on trip?
Our programs are set in the outdoors and there is likelihood that campers will have an opportunity for some wildlife viewing. However, during our camp, part of the instruction is how to be safe in the woods while hiking and camping.

Are you insured?
We carry $3,000,000 liability insurance. However all international campers must have their own travel insurance.

Why are you not a member of the BC Camping Association (BCAA)?
The BCCA accreditation program only applies to camps with an actual physical site. Our program is completely mobile and campers will be staying in Provincial and National Park campgrounds, the Fireside Lodge, and we will use the facilities of other BCCA accredited residential summer camps.  We have been encouraging the BCCA to broaden their terms for accreditation, but they have not yet done this. However, Jeff Willis, the owner of Fireside Adventures, is heavily involved in the BCCA.