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Frequently Asked Questions

Yukon River Expeditions

How does accommodation work?

We provide excellent 3 person tents that provide adequate space for two people to share during the expedition. Participants are responsible for set up, take down and general care of their tents. You are welcome to bring your own tent.  During your stay in Whitehorse, participants will book their own accommodation at their own cost. In Dawson City, you are welcome to stay with us at the local campground we covered in your registration fee. In the past, we found participants book Dawson City accommodation (hotel) at their own cost as they want something more comfortable after coming off the 7 day paddle. We have tents and you are welcome to book your own accommodation in Whitehorse and Dawson City.  

I am worried about my personal gear?

It is imperative you read and follow the “what to bring list” provided in your registration. In Whitehorse, our instructors will inspect your clothing and personal gear to ensure you are ready for your expedition. We have connections with clothing and equipment outfitters in Whitehorse who provide our participants a discount.

We also sell a Personal Yukon Gear Barrel Package for $769.00 (plus tax) for you to take home with you after your trip. This includes:

  • 60L barrel (to store all your gear and keep it dry)
  • Thermarest synthetic sleeping bag (-10)
  • Thermarest Sleeping pad
  • Petzel Head Lamp
  • MSR Hubba Hubba Tents (2 person)

What is the river like?

Class 1 and with a few areas class 2 depending on the time of the year. You’ll travel over 408km averaging 50 – 60km per day of paddling. We’ll travel around 5km with our paddles out of the water and 10 – 15km per hour with paddles in the river.

How do I know I am ready for this experience?

On our end – we do our best to be ready for everything which is why we provide you as much information as possible about your experience, insist you read it and connect with us before you arrive. We move as fast as our slowest person and we adapt the expeditions based on where the group dynamic and capacities are it. We don't take people out of their comfort zone but rather expand their comfort zone.

Prior to your arrival we ask at least month before your trip that you begin to taking on daily exercise and stretching regime (1 hour), begin reducing your use of devices, reduce and manage the things that stress you out (just trying your best), increasing your daily H2O intake and eat healthier. We ask this of you because these considerations will only have a positive impact on your experience in the Yukon.  It’s all about getting you ready.

Will we see wildlife?

95% chance we will see various forms of wildlife during your paddle. We also review our safety procedures around respecting wildlife habitat and what to do if we have close encounters.


We totally need to be upfront about this. There is a 100% chance you will be doing your business in the woods which we will review how, where and when on your first day. The good news – there are bathrooms in Carmacks, Minto, Fort Selkirk, Kirkman Landing which are pull out spots along our journey. It is as big of deal as you want to make it. Taking a poo in the woods has been happening since humans evolved in learning how to walk.  We’ll help you get comfortable and share tips how to make it a clean, environmental and healthy experience.

Can I bring alcohol?

We’ve come to a conclusion that alcohol doesn’t have a place with the experiences that we lead. Firstly – it would increase our level of risk. Secondly – we respect peoples decision around sobriety.  Thirdly – let’s celebrate in Dawson City together and in space and place that welcomes consumption of alcohol.


We are a non-smoking experience.

Will we really see the Northern Lights?

In July, the chances are very low, and early August trips there is a higher chance. No promises.


We encourage everyone to take photos and share them with other participants. If you do not want your photo taken, please inform your fellow paddlers on trip.

What if I fall into the water, my canoe tips and/or I become injured?

We review water and land safety procedures, processes and how we respond over and over the first five days of the trip. Why? The more you know – the higher chances you’ll make better decisions out on the water. Our instructors and volunteers have their wilderness first aid and years of experience between to how to manage a difficult situation. All participants will be taught of what to do if your canoe tipped (low probability), fall in the water (even lower) or became injured. Assessing risks is an instructor and participant collaborative effort.


It is completely precious, mysterious, difficult to describe and with an eventual but unknown end date. That’s life. We create life experiences that reinforce the importance of connecting personal individuality; sense of community, relevant and meaningful outdoor experiences mixed with skill training and shared knowledge practices.   


We provide a platform for adults needing and wanting time for exploration, self-discovery and individual growth that fits with their own pace.  Through group dialogues, video journaling, solo time, yoga in the woods, meditation, and easy and non-intrusive Fireside BE mini workshops we create the connection between spirit and experience.  Be brave. Be real. Be you.


Experience true adventure with a group of like-minded, supportive and diverse people, while learning skills that will allow you to plan and experience your own adventures in the future.  Challenge yourself to expand your comfort zone, and check out the incredible Yukon River and our retreat locations.