Between the Trees

Wisdom. Wonder. Wellness. Wildness.

Between the trees nature workshops

The Between the Trees is a blend of inspiring personal and professional workshops, practical skills training, and interactive experiential learning activities, set in the forest, on the beach, at a local park, or even on the water.

These experiential workshops are designed to be fun, bold, and community immersive, while being inclusive to the diversity of our urban community. To be honest, we want Between the Trees to quite simply be about doing cool things with other awesome people.

Boom! We inject your weekends with immersive learning, community building, and authentic connections. We aim to destroy the status quo of how people typically learn, take you out of your comfort zone and exceed your expectations of a typical weekend in the park.

Coming this September thru to November 2019 we soon to be are offering weekend Between the Trees Retreats in Whistler, Sunshine Coast and Galiano Island, which you will not want to miss! Stay tuned, more information to follow.

Saturday Locations: Pacific Spirit Park, Jericho Sailing Centre, Buntzen Lake, and Stanley Park

WorkShop Details

Spring 2019 - Saturdays Only:
May 04, 11, 25 (Saturdays)
June 01, 08, 15, 22 (Saturdays)

Time: Choice of three periods per Saturday.
Mornings: 8:30am – 12pm
Afternoon: 1:00pm 4:30pm
Evening: 5:30pm – 8:30pm (Adults only)

Adult Cost (18+):
One Period/Half Day - $45 + GST
Two Periods/Day  $75 + GST
Full Day  $100 + GST (3 periods)

Youth Cost (13+):
One Period/Half Day $40 + GST
Two Periods/Day  $70 + GST. Not evenings

Children Cost (6 – 12 years):
One Period/Half Day - $30 + GST
Two Periods/Day  $60 + GST. Not evenings
* must be accompanied by an adult

5 years or younger:
free but not our responsibility and must be accompanied by an adult.

Does not include: Meals, transportation to and from locations and rentals.

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Learn, Play, Grow Between The Trees


Workshop Criteria
  • We must have 8 people to run an experience with a maximum of 15 per period.

  • Folks must come with an open mind and willingness to learn.

  • Children are welcome as long as they are ready to learn.

  • Must follow each workshop’s what to bring list.

  • Agreement to have a ton of fun while explore Wonder. Wisdom. Wellness and Wildness between the trees.


The Big W’s of Between the Trees



Wisdom comes in many forms, shapes our knowledge and impacts our decision making. It reflects empathy simplicity, common sense and helps connects the dots between personal interests and competencies and life in general.



Wonder is a state of curiosity, a childlike feeling of delight. We become open to surprises and suspend judgement. Wonder feels like a glowing beam of sunshine that illuminates what we hadn’t seen before. Life provides endless wonders especially if we are willing to look in the space between the trees.



We need more wellness in our lives. Period. Drawing from diverse perspectives from within our community we experience and develop spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health in our workshops.



Wildness is the willingness to explore, and go further down a new path. Wildness is found in nature, relationships, stories, activities and most importantly the boldness within yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

Learn, Play, Grow Between The Trees