Our Mission, Motto and Perspectives:

Our Mission

We are founded on three principles that drive our mission statements.

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Life is a journey full of challenges that teach us and allow us to give pause. At times, these challenges allow us to either be conquered or recalibrated. Challenges are either an obstacle or an opportunity.



Life is not idle, it is flowing and evolving. Striving to fix, improve, overcome, enjoy, change, embrace - the list goes on, is a constant action. Participants determine what they want to strive for at our retreats, camps, expeditions and experiences.

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Life is about unlearning, relearning and learning. It’s a constant and conscientious act to active living, being and evolving. It brings balance and modesty to developing an individual within a community.



Our Motto

Fireside Adventures is built on our pillars for all children, youth and adults - Life. Be. Adventure.


It is completely precious, mysterious, difficult to describe and has an eventual, but unknown, end date. That’s life. We create life experiences that reinforce the importance of connecting personal individuality: a sense of community, relevance and meaningful outdoor experiences mixed with skill training and shared knowledge practices. 


We provide a platform for all participants who need and want time for exploration, self-discovery and individual growth that fits with their own pace. Through group dialogues, video journaling, solo time, paddling, capturing amazing sunsets, yoga in the woods, and an easy and non-intrusive method, Fireside provides leadership workshops to create the connection between spirit and the experience, allowing you to BE. Be brave. Be real. Be you.


Experience true adventure with a group of like-minded, supportive and diverse people, while learning skills that will allow you to plan and experience your own adventures in the future. Challenge yourself to expand your comfort zone, and check out the incredible Yukon River and beautiful British Columbia.

Our Perspectives


Regardless of a participant’s level of comfort and outdoor skills, it is safer to travel in a group and it is much safer to have an experienced guide/instructor supporting them. Our team always prioritizes planning, preparing, and most importantly, teaching participants how to be safe in the wilderness and rural settings.



A well-nourished body makes a significant impact on a person’s experience in times of physical and/or mental exertion. Participants will learn how to pack and prepare healthy and holistic meals in our camp kitchens.


Fitness Capacities

If you are concerned about yours or your child’s physical readiness to attend one of our Fireside camps/expeditions, please contact us directly. We modify our experiences based on participants’ abilities and capacities. Relax and let us work together to make an informed and shared decision.



We focus on teaching social, leadership and life skills that compliment each participant’s experience at Fireside. The skills we teach reflect BC Education’s core competencies and easily transition to life back home.


Inclusivity & Privilege

We are inclusive of all genders, races, cultures, languages, shapes, sizes, colours, abilities and capacities. Those who arrive on the first day of the camp/expedition are important characters of the shared experienced that is to begin. It is a privilege to be the characters in each others stories and experiences, not our right.


Positive Personal Identity & Strength Based

All camps and expeditions are designed to focus on developing positive personal identity, which reflects in how we instruct, lead and support others. We take a strength-based position in fostering each participants potential and enjoyment of the experience. We are not concerned and/or influenced by individuals deficits.

Climate Change

We do our best to understand the present and future impacts of climate change. We provide thoughtful discussions and rationale of why we all must do our best to minimize our carbon use including ways to reduce food waste, non-recyclable materials and more. We take public transit or walk as much as possible, and respect nature by reducing our ecological footprints.


 Indigenous People

We acknowledge that we are visitors of the traditional lands of Indigenous People. We ask permission to visit and explore their lands while also inviting local First Nations to participate in our camps, share their knowledge and provide a space to collaborate. Fireside Adventures recognizes the unceded traditional lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.


Social and Emotional Learning.

We know how important it is to create a safe place so participants can develop their resiliency, independence and self-efficacy. We weave learning opportunities throughout our programs for participants to acquire or develop the skills necessary to manage and understand their emotions and their relationships.


Small Group Focused & Mobile

We purposely place restrictions on group size (minimum 8 and maximum 15) of participants as believe less means more for providing an enriched and meaningful experience for each participant. We are not defined by one permanent location as we are rooted in the belief that adventure and learning come from exploring the lands and water around us.


Place and Inquiry Based

All of our selected locations for our camps and expeditions are purposely chosen to provide a platform for inquiry & experiential learning, abundance of natural world and significance in relation to culture, geography, history, people and environment.


Past Projects

Windspeaker 2014-2016