Why Fireside’s Adult Expeditions?

Fireside Adventures adult retreats and adventure expeditions are a perfect mix of a high level of professionalism, all-encompassing instruction and significant knowledge of the areas you will be traveling through.

 Yukon Canoe trip

A multi day Yukon canoe trip or BC’s back country brings adults to the heart of the wild of Canadian wilderness, immersed in the simple life of being unplugged and engaged in outdoor leadership training for adults.. We know some adults need and/or can afford a longer adventure and time to dedicate to their inner and outer growth.

Our 2018 Adult Expeditions

- Artemis Women in Leadership Yukon Expedition
- Yukon Laughing Buddha River Expedition
- BIG SKY EXPEDITION – An Adult Yukon River Canoe Trip
- Powell River Forest Circuit Canoe Trip (via Outdoor Explore)

- Ancient Volcanoes Trek (via Outdoor Explore)
- Langtang & Helambu Trek (via Outdoor Explore)


Why Fireside Adult Wilderness Retreats?

Wilderness Retreats happen throughout the year for few logistical and practical reasons and intentions. Some adults can’t getaway for more than a weekend as they have a number of priorities they are juggling. Some use the retreat as a prerequisite and/or prep before they journey onto an adult expedition. Others come as an introductory experience to a Fireside experience. It is fun, relaxing and an adventure for adults to retreat to the wilderness.

Our 2018 Wilderness Retreats

- Weekend Wilderness Women's Retreat

 BC weekend wilderness retreats

Our Fireside Adventures Philosophy:

 Fireside Adventures  philosophy
  • Dedication to safety and participant care backed by our diligence in embracing best practices demonstrated into outdoor skills teaching and learning.
  • Ensure participants’ interest and skill levels are balanced with thoughtful outdoor and consistent instruction while being flexible, responsible and adaptable in our approach
  • Work to continue to run retreats and expeditions based on successful logistics, delivery of excellent client service and engaging wilderness experiences
  • Constant focus and implementation of our five operating R’s (Readiness, Relationships, Relevance, Results, Reflection)
  • Demonstrate our deep care and interest for all participants transparently, competently and confidently
  • Share the gifts of the wilderness with people of all colours, abilities, backgrounds, sizes, gender identities and experience levels.
  • Prove our strength is our ability to get things done, to make things happen, to pay attention to detail, to take on big projects, to find ways around obstacles and to do this with respect, dignity, humour and being responsible
  • Constant acknowledgement of Indigenous people’s rightful land, traditions and culture as we maintain the role of us being guests and visitors while travelling through their land
  • Confidently express our openness of utilizing the practices of Buddhism, Choice Theory, systems theory and many more.


Fireside Adventures is designed to allow you enjoy and experience our pillars for adults - Life.Be.Adventure. in the wilderness expeditions and retreats.


It is completely precious, mysterious, difficult to describe and with an eventual but unknown end date. That’s life. We create life experiences that reinforce the importance of connecting personal individuality; sense of community, relevant and meaningful outdoor experiences mixed with skill training and shared knowledge practices.   


We provide a platform for adults needing and wanting time for exploration, self-discovery and individual growth that fits with their own pace.  Through group dialogues, video journaling, solo time, yoga in the woods, meditation, and easy and non-intrusive Fireside BE mini workshops we create the connection between spirit and experience.  Be brave. Be real. Be you.


Experience true adventure with a group of like-minded, supportive and diverse people, while learning skills that will allow you to plan and experience your own adventures in the future.  Challenge yourself to expand your comfort zone, and check out the incredible Yukon River and our retreat locations.

Our Mission

We are founded on three principles that drives our belief and mission statement.


 Life is a journey of challenges

Life is a journey full of challenges to teach and give pause.  At times to either be conquered or recalibrated. Challenges are either an obstacle or an opportunity.


 Strive, life is not iddle

Life is not idle, it is flowing and evolving. Striving to fix, improve, overcome, enjoy, change, embrace and the list goes on as striving is a constant action. Participants determine what they want to strive for at our retreats, camps, expeditions and post Fireside experiences.


 Life is about learning and unlearning

Life is about unlearning, relearning and learning. It’s a constant and conscientious act to active living, being and evolving. It brings balance and modesty to developing an individual within a community.